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Presenter: Zaidalynet Morales, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Are you looking for methods to better engage your students? Traditional forms of teaching keep instructors at the podium in front of the class, lecturing their wisdom and experience, resulting in a one-way dialogue. Students are often seen distracted, on their phone and doing other things instead of learning. How can we involve them? How can we engage them in a two-way conversation and extend beyond the podium? Active-learning strategies may be your answer. In this session, we will explore various active-learning strategies and explore the essential steps to ensure student success. 

This workshop will be held in the Library room B3 on the Queens Campus and will be video conferenced to DAS 208 on the Staten Island Campus.

Monday, April 3, 2017
1:50pm - 3:15pm
Q-Library B3 Workshops
Q & SI
Graduate Student Certificate, Pedagogy
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