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CPS Faculty Research Forum: Playing Games is Research, really? A Systematic Review of Gamification Research and Future Directions

Sponsored by: College of Professional Studies Faculty Research Forum and the Center for Teaching and Learning
 All University faculty are invited to attend.

Presenter: Dr. Babajide Osatuyi, Penn State Behrend, Management Information Systems

Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and game dynamics in non-gaming environments and contexts. Gamification is increasingly gaining attention among system designers across various industries especially in education due to the benefits associated with its implementation. The adoption of gamification in information systems (IS) education is promising for engaging and motivating students to complete their degree programs. Call for research in this area is particularly on the increase in the IS field. Accordingly, we need to organize the aggregation of research in this area and use common terminologies to promote progressive research practice in the field. In this paper, we use a multi-method approach to systematically review existing research on gamification in IS education to identify common terminologies, identify trends in topics studied, highlight understudied areas, and, thus, present opportunities for future research. The multi-method approach combines classical systematic review method and social network analysis to provide additional insight into the knowledge structure of researchers involved in the gamification of IS education. This review also highlights possible interventions that can improve student retention in IS education through the design of effective gamified courses. More importantly, the findings from this research outline numerous directions for future research in the gamification of IS artifacts.

Babajide Osatuyi is an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at the Sam and Irene Black School of Business in The Pennsylvania State University, Erie. His research interests include information exchange on social media platforms, data analytics, social network analysis, knowledge management and decision support systems. His research has appeared in journals such as Communications of the AIS, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, and Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology and has been presented at major business conferences. 


Thursday, December 6, 2018
1:50pm - 3:15pm
Q-St. Augustine Hall 2 Floor, Room 144
Queens Only
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